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How relevant is blogging in 2021? And what to write about?

You often hear that blogging is dead in 2021. Blogging is game-over. Stop blogging, it’s a waste of your time. This is utter nonsense. Blogging is not going anywhere, and it’s still possible to become a successful blogger. So don’t lose hope, don’t despair, just read this blog and start your journey of becoming a successful blogger!

Every company has its points of parity and points of difference. Whether it is a live casino with the best roulette or a petshop specialized in pedigree food.

Why do people claim that blogging is no longer needed? It’s because of the huge explosion of online content. The amount of content you can find online is growing exponentially, so the reasoning of these people is that it’s only a small change people will find your blog and read it because of the huge supply of other texts. While there is some truth in this, blogging is still relevant and worth the effort. Below I will give you 4 reasons why you shouldn’t give up on blogging. I will also give you some ideas to write about.

Nobody likes a website without a blog

It’s true, it’s becoming more difficult to stand out on the internet regarding blog posts. Remember, there are nowadays 1.7 billion websites worldwide. However, if you’re familiar with the basics of marketing, you’ll know that it’s not a reason to stop blogging. Every company has its points of parity and points of difference. What are points of parity? In every industry there are certain customer expectations. While every company differs from one another, there are some basics requirements that are needed to fulfil the common expectations from the consumer in that industry. For example, a bank needs to have saving accounts and the possibility of online banking. If these conditions aren’t met customers will likely go to a competitor. Points of difference are the things that make you stand out from your competition.

How does this relate to blogging? A website without a blog is like a bank without a saving account. It’s hard to take serious and people will go to someone else who does provide some good blogs on its website. So maybe it’s becoming more difficult to stand out using blogs (it’s no longer a point of difference in some cases), it’s also becoming more and more essential to the e-commerce business (point of parity). Thus, don’t think that blogging is no longer needed, it’s the other way around!

People are addicted to internet searches

While the amount of internet content is steadily increasing, people also search more on Google. It’s basic economics: As long as the demand for a product increases, it really doesn’t matter if the supply is also getting larger, your product is still valuable. Presumably the amount of searches is two times higher than five years ago. Which means that there are two trillion searches on Google every month, 63,000 every second! Maybe you’ve noticed it yourself, people are spending quite some time behind their screens, especially since the advent of the mobile phone. With your cell phone, it’s possible to search on Google and read blogs on almost every location you visit. So we can draw the conclusion that, because of the increasing demand, there is still a huge market for good blogs.

Google recognizes good content

You probably have noticed that Google is continuously changing and evolving. For example, if you search for the outcome of a soccer match, you’ll immediately see the result on Google. A few years back, you still had to click on a website that popped up after your search to check the result of the match.

While this is an obvious example, Google also changes a lot behind the scenes. These algorithmic changes are not as noticeable but have a huge influence. The result of adjustments in the algorithm is that Google can now easily tell the difference between a good blog and some worthless text that nobody really wants to read, but which still scores high on Google because of dirty tricks that people use to mislead the search engine. For example a few years back it was quite common to use link building farms. Because webpages generally rank higher with more links, people started taking advantage. They would build websites for the sole purpose of linking them together and rank high on Google. However they didn’t pay attention to the content on the site. So the end result: People who used Google to find good information, often found webpages with lousy content on top of the page. Google obviously wants the best customer experience, and therefore thought of ways to end these practices. They changed their algorithm, and now it has the power to judge a website on the merit of its texts. So content has become enormous important.

How does this relate to blogging? Because good content is now essential to rank high in Google, you got to have good blogs. Every company or entrepreneur  is striving to reach the top of the search results, so if you’re able to reach the top of Google with your blogs, you have gold in your hands.

Blogging improves your skills

Another reason to start writing blogs or don’t stop doing it: Blogging improves other vital abilities. First, blogging improves your communication skills. If you write something down, you’ll need to think about it thoroughly. It’s also necessary to build a story with a good structure. After you wrote a text and you have to speak to customers, it’s easier to clearly explain to them what your business has to offer for example. Also when you put something on paper, you often think about something you didn’t notice earlier. So blogging is also a good way to find flaws, or come up with creative ideas.

Blogging is important, but what to write about?

After reading this text, I think you’re convinced that blogging is still relevant and important. But what to write about? It’s a good idea to focus on a niche. People already have written a ton of blogs about broad subjects, therefore choose something which has received less attention. Furthermore write about something you have experience with or know a lot about. This makes it easier to write and also makes sure that you really have something to offer for the reader. Interesting categories to write about are: finance, technology, entertainment, travel or food.    

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