3 things everyone should know before trading with a crypto bot

Maybe you already know something about crypto bot trading or maybe you’re totally new to this. You’ve heard about it and you want to try it out. What do you need to know before you start trading with a crypto bot? You’ll read all about it in this article.

1. A crypto bot is not magic

One thing you should definitely know before you start trading with a crypto bot is that a crypto bot is not something magical. It’s not a tool that gives you money automatically all the time. Yes, it is software that trades automatically for you and you can make money with it. But you can also lose money with crypto bot trading.

Your success depends on the in-built strategies of the bot and the trading rules that you have set up. Most of the time you will lose some money at the beginning. Then you learn how to set up the rules right and you might earn money with it.

2. You should choose the right bot for you 

There are quite a few crypot bots out there and it’s important that you choose the right bot for you. If you’re just starting with crypto bot trading, you should look for a crypto bot that’s suitable for starters. Smartcryptobot is one of these crypto bots and it has a lot of great specifications. You can try out this bot with a free trial on their website. Do you have some other wishes? Write them down and keep them in mind while choosing a crypto bot.

3. It's important to keep your account safe

Maybe you might have heard stories about hackers that are attacking crypto bot accounts. Of course you don’t want them to steal your cryptocurrencies or the money on your bank account, so you should keep your account safe. Choose a secure crypto bot, don’t give the bot withdrawal access to your bank account and set up two factor authentication. And don’t forget: never share your API key or wallet with anyone, even not with your family or friends.