Blog - How to start with writing a blog post

People always say to me, that blogging is easy. That being a blogger takes no skill and you basically make free money by doing nothing but write simple pieces of text. People deem blogging as a no-brainer job, while in the contrary, it actually takes a lot of practice. But whenever they write their first couple of posts, the realization hits them that it isn’t as easy as they thought it would be. Like with every job, when you are just getting started you are prone to make mistakes, everyone does, and there is no shame in that. But what do you need to keep in mind when writing blog posts? How does this vital asset work to the benefit of companies? What can you do to improve your blog writing skills and garner readers to your platform? We will be looking at this and more, right here in this blog post!


What makes blog posts on websites so important?

You might be thinking as well, what makes blog posts on websites important? I don’t read them most of the time, why would other people do so? Yes, I do understand your concerns and where you are coming from. However, I see blog posts as a secret weapon to give your website more body. There are thousands upon thousands of websites, most of them fairly similar or competing in the same market space, how could you differentiate yourself from this competition and engage people in your brand, ideas and vision, this is where a blog comes into play. Blogs are, in their very nature, a medium to share information. This information can be very useful to your users, giving insight in what makes you, your services or products and much more tick. For an example, people might be searching for someone that can increase their website performance, since they aren’t getting the number of users they were hoping for. You can find companies that offer these services, sure, but firstly you would want to read all about it and why it is so important. Once again, this is where the blog posts come in, by writing blogs about subjects like search engine optimalization (SEO) you can grab the user’s attention, let them read the entire article and give some of that information away as a free service, while also instigating the user to seek out your professional help.


The first steps in writing blog posts

As with many things, the first step to making something happen is by doing research. When you are writing for yourself or for a company, the first thing to keep in mind is what purpose will it serve and will it fit with your services, vision or what you want to depict. It is also important to identify what your audience is looking for, before you start, you should have a clear idea of what your demographic is and how to cater to them. These two parts make for the most important step, the base of everything you write, without this you won’t get anywhere. A good example is me writing to you, you are my audience, I want to help you understand the beauty of my job and get a strong head start when it comes to writing blog posts. Finding a subject that fits with what was mentioned above is the next step. Gather information about the subject and chop it into pieces, it is important to keep subjects dosed so not to overload users with information and make sure they can keep a clear overview of all the parts the subject consists of. An example would be this, the very subject of blogging. Blogging is an amazing but very broad subject which could be written out inside a book of at least 300 pages, but instead, I am now talking about the core of blogging and where to begin when writing blog posts. A similar thing would be cooking, you can go into the depths when it comes to cooking, talking about techniques and recipes. Instead, you would write a blog post about how to organize your kitchen or how you can easily increase the flavor of your basic run-of-the-mill dishes. Finally, when you start with your blog, keep this in mind: Write like you talk. The best way to keep users engaged while writing is by writing like you talk, not only is this much easier to follow but it also enables users to talk it over in their head with their own voice. By doing this the information is much more prone to stick around and gives them something to walk away with when they finish reading your blog post.


More tips to increase the quality of your blog

Before you go, I would like to give you some extra tips to really help amplify the quality of your blog. My first tip to you is making sure to repeat the core subject of your blog post, repeating a message is a true secret weapon in writing good blog posts. By repeating important components of the subject, it will become easier for the user to take in the important information you are writing about, as well as taking an easier time to understand the subject. My second tip is using examples and references, this way users can get a clear idea of what you are talking about and create mental bridges from to subject to the examples and back. This combined with repeating important components of the subject will create a very strong, recognizable and memorable blog post. My third tip is connected to what I mentioned before about chopping your subjects up, this way you can create a collection of blog posts which create a bigger picture. By doing so, users will stick around longer to read all the blog posts to get a clear idea of the entire subject. Another important thing with the third tip is making sure the blog posts are linked together in a way, making it easier to read the entire collective. I hope these tips and tricks will help you create quality blog posts and that I gave you a clear picture of the importance that writing blog posts has for you and your company.