PC Hardware

Hardware is a set of equipment that a computer needs to function.

To operate a computer needs a processor, a motherboard, a graphics card, memory sticks and a power supply.

The choice of the processor and the graphic card are very important for the computer because they will do all the calculations to have a very good quality in game.

The processor is responsible for processing information from the programs run by the computer , to store your data you have several solutions, for example you have the SSD which is the fastest storage system or an HDD.

To make your pc work you will need a power supply because it is it that will power the computer and without it you will not be able to turn on your pc.

Operating system: 

An operating system is just as important for the functioning of the PC because it allows the use of the main resources.

In computer science you have 3 operating systems there is Linux, MacOS and Windows.

The 4 types of hardware :

  • Input devices : 

They include all the hardware that provides data or information to the computer system. We can find pointing devices (mouse, trackpad, graphic tablet...), audio devices (microphone), Bluetooth devices, video devices such as a web cam or network devices

  • Processing devices : 

These are the most important components in a computer system. They allow processing of all the data received. The processor and all the elements that make it up in a computer case represent these types of hardware (called CPU).

  • Storage devices : 

Storage devices are the components that "store" data. The storage or memory is divided into primary memory (RAM which only stores data when the system is switched on) and secondary memory (data stored on the long term as does the internal hard disk)

First video games pc  in the world  : 

                  Video Game 

                Date of release 



Defender of the Crown 






Lode Runner 


Saboteur II 




Indiana Jones 


For desktop PCs we have only two processor brands :

AMD & Intel

Elements to build your gamer pc : 

1. Processor : The processor is the brain of your computer. It interprets and executes instructions received in binary language. Your processor is very useful for the operation of programs and the display of your screen.

2. Motherboard : The motherboard centralizes the management of the RAM (or internal memory), the hard disk readings and the use of the processor. Its role is also essential for the detection and compatibility of graphics cards. The management of the network and USB ports is also done through it

3. Memory : The computer's RAM, or random access memory, is a kind of reservoir where temporary information used by the processor is stored. It is therefore essential to the functioning of the computer.

4. Graphic Card : A graphics card or video card (formerly, by abuse of language, a VGA card), or a graphics adapter, is a graphics peripheral or computer expansion card whose role is to produce an image to be displayed on a screen.

5. SSD  :SSDs (Solid State Drives) are a recent computer storage technology. They use flash memory to digitally read and write data. Because they do not have to mechanically seek out data, SSDs offer near-instantaneous boot and load times.

6. Case : The case of a PC, also known as the central processing unit, contains the computer components necessary for the proper functioning of a computer. The case houses and protects the various components and allows them to be interconnected for optimal use.

7. Power Supply  :The power supply is an integral part of the CPU. It provides the low-voltage energy needed to power the motherboard and the various components included in the system unit.

8. Watercooling : Watercooling is a system that uses water to cool your components. To do this, a water block is attached to the component you want to cool, this can be your processor or your graphics card.

Software : 

The software is a program that includes the operating system and the computer application of the computer , both are essential to the operation of your device,without the software the computer can't work because it has no instructions on what to do.